Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Been A Long Time

Im back,had a hectic 3 months with work etc,& not being able to login on here.
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Monday, 16 July 2007

the Jackson Sisters I Believe In Miracles

The Jackson Sisters, Jackie, Lyn, Pat, Rae and Gennie, originally came out of Compton but were based in Detroit. They were discovered by Bobby Taylor who modeled them as a female answer to the Jackson 5. Taylor co-wrote and produced their biggest hit, 'I Believe In Miracles' which was released in 1973 on a little label called Prophesy Records (and strangely, also on Polydor that same year). Original copies of this 45 are rare, as are copies of a Jackson Sisters LP released in 1976 on the Tiger Lily label (apparently it was withdrawn after just a few promo copies were pressed).

Wonderful Soul classic that fills any dance-floor. Take a listen to it and discover why everybody enjoys it so much.

The Jackson Sisters - I Believe In Miracles

Change A Lovers Holiday

Back in the day, I used to think Change copied Chic's musical formula, but now, It's apparent that they simply built on it & took it even further. When Change debuted in 1980 with 'A Lover's Holiday', Chic's unfortunate downfall was taking place at the same time. Aside from addictive basslines, guitar riffs, and great vocals (Luther Vandross' star grew with Change!!), the 2 groups are quite distinctive.

Change - A Lovers Holiday

Boating Club

Since it's beginnings in the heart of London UK over a decade ago, the Boating Club has become a soul & urban music institution, with supporters even travelling from other countries to be at the event!..........Held every 3 months, it's a party cruise held on a moving boat on the River Thames featuring the cream of the UK's urban music DJ's including Stretch Taylor, Scott James, Sourmash Collective, Chris Alexander & Andy M, playing the finest old & new soul, R&B, funk, hip-hop, rare groove & jazz..........Described by Blues&Soul Magazine as "The Original Soul Cruise & Still The Best" their motto is simple, 'If It's Good Quality Music It Gets Played'..........The difference between this & any other urban music event is that the DJ's have a blank canvass to express themselves & play anything & everything from James Brown to Kanye West, Stevie Wonder to Mary J Blige, Marvin Gaye to Michael Jackson, Bob Marley to A Tribe Called Quest - this is something simply unheard of at London clubs today & it's what makes the Boating Club so special.......... Added to this, there's also lovely Caribbean food, 2 bars with drinks at pub prices, regular exclusive live performances by top soul artists such as Drizabone, Natalie Williams, Juliette Leon & Jason Jermaine, plus of course the wonderful views of London such as Tower Bridge, London Eye, Houses Of Parliament and Big Ben.......... So find out why the Boating Club has had a loyal following for over 10 years by booking your tickets today! .......... NOTE: The event is always a sell-out with several weeks to spare, so hurry & get your tickets as soon as possible.......... Tickets can be purchased for only 18 pounds in advance on 07958 650117 / 07956 882302 or by phoning Crazy Beat Records on 01708 228678 - or send us an email and leave a comment via this site........ To all our regular Boating Club family, we appreciate all of your support over the years ................................. PEACE, UNITY, LOVE & HAVING FUN - BOATING CLUB 2007

Boating Club

Lonnie Liston Smith Expansions

When Lonnie Liston Smith left the Miles Davis band in 1974 for a solo career, he was, like so many of his fellow alumni, embarking on a musical odyssey. For a committed fusioneer, he had no idea at the time that he was about to enter an abyss that it would take him the better part of two decades to return from.
This Track is taken from the 1975 album Expansions

Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansions

I level Give Me

One of the funniest and most electrifying dance trax to come out of the early 80's, sort of a prelude to Temper's "No Favors", I-Level was the poor man's Loose Ends straight out of the London disco scene. The lead singer resembles the same style of Carl McIntosh.
On paper this should be a classic record: relaxed jazzy-soulful-disco arrangement (reworked on Sandy Kerr's "Thug Rock") plus memorable vocal hook (borrowed on Greed's "Give Me") but somehow it manages to add up to slightly less than the sum of it's parts. Flip side is an instrumental version that cries out for a more radical treatment – if only they’d called in UK dubmeister Dennis Bovell. That said, it remains a seminal piece of Brit-funk and demands a wider hearing.

I Level - Give Me

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Machine There but for the Grace of God Go I

Best known for its 1979 cult classic "There but for the Grace of God Go I," Machine was a soul/disco/funk band that tackled social and political issues at a time when many of its colleagues were afraid to. Machine was formed in New York in 1977, when the disco-era was in full swing and most R&B, disco, and funk lyrics were escapist in nature

Machine - There but for the Grace of God Go I

Larry Graham Sooner or later

In 1968, he joined Sly & the Family Stone, the first fully integrated rock band that fused soul, rock, rhythm and blues, psychedelia and funk.The band showcased Graham’s revolutionary pop-and-slap bass guitar and his flamboyant showmanship.
Graham exited the group in 1972. After six years the disintegration of the original Family Stone left the door open for Graham to form his own group Graham Central Station.

Larry Graham - Sooner or later

Karen Young Hot Shot

Best known for her 1978 international dancefloor hit "Hot Shot," Philadelphian Karen Young initially debuted in 1969 with a U.K. hit, "Nobody's Child." The disco era allowed her to resurface after a long hiatus, and she went on to record a number of disco and rock-oriented singles until the mid-'80s, shortly before her untimely death.

Karen Young - Hot Shot

Stacy Lattisaw Attack Of The Name Game

Track 2,from the b side of the album "Sneakin' Out",that was released in 1982.
Mariah Carey later sampled for one of her own dance hits.

Stacy Lattisaw - Attack Of The Name Game

T-Connection - At Midnight

The "At Midnight" song is an all-time classic disco song and one of my top 10 disco songs. It features great percussion (the 3 first minutes is a killer percussion-instrumental intro that will shake everybody), that many copied afterwards. The vocals are also very sexy yet energetic.

T-Connection - At Midnight

Monday, 2 July 2007

Octavia 2 The Limit

I dont really know much about this one,onlt that the real name is Octavia Lambertis
Note,the song title has the number '2' instead of the word 'TO'
Octavia - 2 The Limit

Mezzoforte Garden Party

Although the original album stems from the eighties, the music ages well. It's very uplifting and always gets me off my chair to dance. Garden Party was a big hit when first released and has been in the charts at least once thereafter. It's well known and has been remixed by various other artists, but this one is my all time favorite.

Mezzoforte - Garden Party

Loose Ends Emergency

Forget Soul II Soul, these are the ORIGINAL innovators of UK Soul.
Loose Ends are the most underrated band on the planet- point blank. Those of you who think that Soul II Soul were innovators of UK Soul, think again- they popularised it. Loose Ends opened the door for them and unfortunately are seldom given the respect for it. Carl McIntosh paved the way for the likes of Jazzie B in terms of production, producing a sound that would become distinctive. The other members, Jane Eugene and Steve Nichol would be the final jigsaw of the piece.

Loose Ends - Emergency (999)

janice mcclain passion & pain

The album self titled spawned two 12" singles;"Passion And Pain." and "Let's Spend The Night Together". Club play was minimal and without radio exposure neither achieved the success of her first release,"Smack Dab In The Middle."
After that sales bomb it seems Janice went back into hiding.

janice mcclain - passion & pain

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Connie Funky Little Beat

Best known for her 1985 club smash "Funky Little Beat",Latina singer Connie was among the first artist to come out latin freestyle--a style of dance-pop- that incorporates latin elements.The South Florida native, who was born in Miami but grew up in Hialeah, FL, "Funky Little Beat" is regarded as one of the important Freestyle singles of its time.

Connie - Funky Little Beat

The Limit Say Yeah!

Classic Track from a UK group The Limit,from 1984,Featuring Gwen Guthrie on vocals.

The Limit - Say Yeah!

Tashan Read My Mind

Tashan - Read My Mind

Steve Washington Please Dont go

Steve Washington - Please Dont go

Surface Falling In Love

One of my all-time favorite songs yet the only good song ever put out by these guys, who were a New Jersey vocal trio made up of Bernard Jackson, David Townsend and David Conley. Listen to any song that these guys made from 1987-1992 and you'll see why they died out and disappeared from the scene. Those songs were terrible. And the sad thing is two of them went gold. They should have stayed with the formula that put them on the map with "Falling In Love" in 1983. Had they done so, they would have become a power band like Shalamar. I really hate sell-outs. The only group I know who continued to stick to their roots by the early 90's was Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly. Their '93 album is just like their '81 album. The other bands sold out by changing their styles and died out from the scene as a result.

Surface - Falling In Love

Serge Ponsar Out In The Night

No doubt, French West Indies native Serge Ponsar made quite a sensation in 1983 with the release of his unique Back To The Light album on Warners incl. the much sought after ‘Out In The Night’ and the aforementionned. Not only because of the smooth vocal interpretation, but also probably because of the musical approach with mixing work courtesy of John Luongo, not that far away from the dominant Italo funk sound at the time, embobied by peeps such as Jimmy Ross, Kano, Dr Togo and the likes. US pressing

Serge Ponsar - Out In The Night

Direct Drive Anything

HELEN ROGERS. Lead singer with 80's Brit-funk band DIRECT DRIVE, whose tracks included 'In The Middle Of Spring', 'Pass The Paper' and Black Echoes Soul Chart No. 1 'Anything', from 1985. 'Anything' being "one of the best, and indeed, most successful British records around ... it's one of the most heavily played tracks on pirate radio, the most danced to record around London" (Blues + Soul, Jan 22-Feb 4 1985). Direct Drive were signed to Polydor Records and toured with the likes of Edwin Starr and Odyssey.

Direct Drive - Anything

Switch Keeping Secrets

Another classic fron 1984.The popular single 'Keeping Secrets',taken from the LP 'Am I Still Your Boyfriend?.

Switch - Keeping Secrets

Nuance Loveride

A tasty mid 80s club track with some heavy drum machine that's kept from bogging things down by some nice mixing at the hands of Mark Kamins and Jay Burnett and edits by the Latin Rascals, giving producer Ron Dean Miller some well appreciated help.Vikki Love on the vocals

Nuance - Loveride

Rochelle Magic Man

Classic track from Rochelle.

Rochelle - Magic Man

Farley 'JackMaster' Funk Love Can't Turn Around

Another Classic Chicago hit anthem...
The first house single to reach the charts was recorded by seminal Chicago DJ and producer, Farley Jackmaster Funk. His cover of Isaac Hayes' "Love Can't Turn Around" made the Top Ten in mid-1986 in the U.K

Farley 'JackMaster' - Funk Love Can't Turn Around

Raze Jack The Groove

Simple sounds and simple bass line with simple but lush strings set the tone for this classic groove that you cant help but jack too.

Raze - Jack The Groove