Sunday, 1 July 2007

Surface Falling In Love

One of my all-time favorite songs yet the only good song ever put out by these guys, who were a New Jersey vocal trio made up of Bernard Jackson, David Townsend and David Conley. Listen to any song that these guys made from 1987-1992 and you'll see why they died out and disappeared from the scene. Those songs were terrible. And the sad thing is two of them went gold. They should have stayed with the formula that put them on the map with "Falling In Love" in 1983. Had they done so, they would have become a power band like Shalamar. I really hate sell-outs. The only group I know who continued to stick to their roots by the early 90's was Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly. Their '93 album is just like their '81 album. The other bands sold out by changing their styles and died out from the scene as a result.

Surface - Falling In Love


soulbrotha said...

I absolutely agree with you on this one! This is one of may FAVORITE songs! They truly were stupid to veer off the formula!

Anonymous said...

BlackSun(cz) : men, and what about their 2nd nugget "Happy" ? was great too - anyway you had right about the rests